Search Engine Optimization Is A Science

Over the years WebXperts has built hundreds of mission critical, custom websites. Our experiences with web development and programming have allowed us to garner some experience in the field of getting your website to place high on search engines. We want to share this information with you. 

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Atlanta Web Designer - Positions 2,3, and 9 - SEO Results in one week

Atlanta Web Designer : Amazing results with reorganizing our content to be more search engine friendly for these very competitive keywords. These SEO results took us less than one week to achieve now we will see how hard it is to maintain it.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Study of Complex Domain Names -

We have been testing complex domain names for over 10 years now and have seen search engine robots modify their algorithms to adjust for domain names becoming the most valuable content.

As we know search engine spiders love relevant content and it seems as if the Google spiders put a tremendous amount of value on the domain name.

The most recent areas that we have been testing are using hyphens versus removing spaces.

The following are keywords is what we are trying to obtain high ranking for:

Web Company
Web Expert
Flash Designers

The domain we are working on is:

Monday, February 25, 2008

ATLANTA WEB DESIGN GEORGIA - WebXperts has created a great new re-directional web site. It has a new look and feel with slightly different content. It was launched in record time, thanks to our great web designers and website developers here at And we have to give mention to our excellent web programmer here, who discovered the rapid web development secrets of CSS.

We should have our website farm completed very soon. It has taken our team over six months to complete this web farm and it wasn't easy. We will have over 120 websites by the end of this month.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Web Experts Teaching The SEO Experts About Content

The search engine gurus are whining once again as rumor has it Google has another shake-up planned.

And, then of course, they are all still crying foul because Yahoo’s newest indexing strategy appears to be rewarding sites that…God forbid…actually focus on good content. Yes, I know, Yahoo is using the Inktomi search software and they could probably do things a little more sophisticated.


The one thing that I don’t see enough SEO folks talking about is the fact that content rules, it always has, and it does now more than ever. Forget about filters, and algos, and stemming and blah, blah, blah…create good content and everybody wins.
The sites that practiced this strategy did very well in the last Google change and I for one have seen substantial evidence to support this “good content” theory in the revamped Yahoo. Anyone can get a #1 listing in Yahoo by simply creating a page that somebody searching for certain keywords would want to read…now there’s a novel thought.

Most of the whining is coming from the so-called SEO experts who had figured out how to trick the system. Like so many things if it is simple then anyone can figure it out and the then SEO people hiding behind the curtain don’t look so brillant any more.

I went to a seminar last October that featured a so-called SEO expert. The seminar was during what the loosers in the last Google “dance” call Florida. This guy was so freaked out he couldn’t even present any material that was of value to any of the attendees. I won’t name names but this guy is supposed to be tops in the field.

Nobody would buy it but I could create a one page SEO book that would be far more useful than 90% of what is out there. Stick to good content and you will sleep peacefully at night knowing that your search results are safe.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Web Experts - Trying to get placed for the keyword Web Expert

It has been a challenge for WebXperts to get placed online for the keyword Web Experts. It started as a problem when the company became incorporated. In Gerogia their was a company called web experts that occupied the name already. We went to the drawing board and came up with WebXperts Design, Incorporated. The corporate name has been in existence for over 10 years. We have serviced a large portion of the corporate community in Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. We have been lucky to work on some of the more exciting large scale web project on the internet. Why can't our SEO geniuses get WebXperts placed for this ominous keyword...

Well enough ranting. We need to see some results. We have purchased a few dozen domain names and now the web design experts here are working diligently on creating SEO friendly websites. We will document the results as usual.

Here are a few - , ,, ,,

We have more to come...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How To Get Content On Your Website That Will Help Your Search Engine Placement For Free

We have been doing a large amount of research on the power of content. One of the things that we have stumbled upon is the ease in getting related content on your page. We have a website that we are experimenting with called Funniest Blog

WebXperts programmed the site to pull search engine listings on several keywords and with the SEO scripting that the web experts worked up this seo script also placed this valuable relative content on the website.

Amazingly enough Google thinks this is actual unique content! Now we have tried some of the pluggin RSS readers out there and some of the widgets that read other websites and places there information on your page. These tactics DO NOT WORK! we have tested them thoroughly and they do not actually place the content on your webpage, they display the content but search engine spiders will not pick this content up.

You have to write custom SEO scripts to get this content to show up when search engine spiders query your website. Call WebXperts at 1-877-932-9778 or visit our website at and we will get tour SEO scripts working for you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Atlanta Web Designer .Net - Yahoo Site Explorer Is Not Worth The Effort is a domain that we have owned for a while. We have Atlanta Web Designers, and have been doing web design for over 20 years, and have tons of satisfied clients. Yet when you search for the keyword Atlanta Webdesigner or Atlanta Web Designer - WebXperts is not on the top three pages.

I have to say our tests with submitting this keyword "atlanta web designers" to yahoo site explorer turned out to be a waste of time. I submitted through site explorer and it did nothing for my results on Yahoo. Site explorer by Yahoo is also nothing compared to the tools Google gives web site owners. Just wanted to pass on the research.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Changing Blogger Title - How To Get Better Results With Blogger

I have read a lot of articles on the frustrating feature of blogger's title. Article after article on changing the blogger title covers one aspect or another but no article on the changing the title tag for a blogger posts covers it all.

Here we go. Follow the steps exactly.

1) Please do not feel you can skip any of these steps in making the title tag dynamic

2) Do not edit any of the files in the blogger window. Copy the source code it presents in the text box into an editor. I tried may times and even though it works with some templates it will not work with others. Maybe it exceeds the length a text box can read, who knows.

3) Open up the the blogger blog you want to modify the title tag for.

4) Navigate to the Template tab in your blogger blog

5) Select the link EDIT HTML. (It's right under the Template tab graphic)

6) Select the Expand Widget Templates checkbox for your blogspot or blogger blog.

7) Click in the text box window and select all of the text.

8) Copy this text into any text editor (PC's - hit start, run, and type notepad MAC's - use Text Edit)

9) Search the Text for Blog2. Lot's of sites dedicated to teaching you how to change the title tag in blogger blog skip this step. I think they forgot the fact that some components already occupy Blog2 and if you find it in your document you need to alter your strategy slightly.

10) If you found Blog2 in your text, check for Blog3 if you don't find it good. If you do find it keep with this pattern until you can not find it.

11) Move to the top of the document ,in your text editor, and locate the title tag (since blogger wont allow you to display it, even in a quote, i had to take a screen shot the area is highlighted in blue)

12) Replace that title tag with the following text.

Important Note: if you have found a Blog2 or Blog3 or BlogX in your document in step 9 make sure you change it. What ever number you found add 1 to it BlogX+1 and replace the section of the code that references Blog2. There should only be one and if you had a Blog2 already you would change:

widget id='Blog2' with widget id='Blog3'

There have been instances where I have seen some weird things happen once you do this I will try to cover some of them.

Bloggger Postings are in my sidebar

Backup everything first.

Check for extra occurances of this code:

widget id="'Blog2'" locked="'false'" title="'Blog" type="'Blog'/">

Delete them. Blogger will ask are you sure just say yes.

I get a error from Blogger when I try to edit the template HTML

You should be able to go back to you template either by hitting back or becuase it has launched this error in another window.

Just revert to your old template - you have not lost any of the content. I tried hard to do so and was unable to.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Importance Of Being Local

Our SEO efforts in Decatur are paying dividends. Decatur and Atlanta are cities that our web experts have successfully completed many web design and web development projects. Google rewards those who are local. Just look at the results for the search term decatur web design.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

atlanta ga website redesign - WebXperts

atlanta ga website redesign - We are currently trying to obtain some visibility for this keyword since we have such a large presence in Atlanta, Ga. and since WebXperts has redesigned many corporate websites. We will have to keep you posted on our progress.