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Friday, February 9, 2007

Free Time?

In the past year and a half I have taken on a good bit of volunteer activities. While it is fulfilling to help a growing community, it can alco become time consuming. My volunteer efforts are now dwindling and we here at WebXperts have all committed ourselves to learning new web technologies this new year. My skills are more in the programming and sales arena, Andrea's is in web programming and database design, Brian's skills lie in design and animation, Daniel's in macromedia flash programming, and Tanner's skill set lies in web database architecture.

This web team has worked together for over 5+ years and as you probably have already read the company has been around now for 10 years (in the Internet business 1 year = 7 years). I definitely credit this as one of our big successes. It helps the client and the bottom line. The client benefits because they have access to a team that has worked together on many web projects and have successful outcomes. The bottom line benefits because it takes less time to get Internet projects completed. Everyone wins!

Well I am singing off for the weekend. Have a webderful weekend :)

Head Web Master