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Over the years WebXperts has built hundreds of mission critical, custom websites. Our experiences with web development and programming have allowed us to garner some experience in the field of getting your website to place high on search engines. We want to share this information with you. 

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Publicly Traded Company Web Design

Publicly Traded Company Web Design - This keyword is of interest to WebXperts becuase of the large number of corporate and publicly traded companies that we have worked for. Considering the high demands and visibility of publicly traded companies, I think they are a good fit for the efficient way in which WebXperts works.

WebXperts, in its 12 years of operations, has worked for 100 clients. 50 of those clients are publicly traded companies. Half of those companies are Fortune 500. All of advertising has come from word of mouth and most of our clients have worked with us for over 5 years.

We will work on getting higher placement for this keyword. We will keep you posted.

SEO Decatur

SEO Dectur is a keyword that we have wanted to get a high google listing for. I love it when a strategy pays off. Look at the #1 organic placement of for the hot keyword Decatur SEO. The great thing about Decatur is that its a big town in both Chicago and Atlanta (Both places we have represented clients in).

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adding Meta Tags To Your Blogger or Blogspot WebSite

Adding a good article on getting your blogger website to have meta tags. The only problem is that Blogger doesn't allow meta tags on their posts. So I have included a screen shot of how to add meta tags and modify meta and title tags on your blogspot or blogger website. Click the image to make it even more readable -- Enjoy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yahoo Results Alarming - #2 for C Sharp Programmer

Our website has ranked #2 on Yahoo. Check it out here. We never intended high results on Yahoo. As I have discussed it is better to pick one or the other to focus your search engine optimization strategies on but when you get a bonus positive listing on other top search engine like Yahoo or MSN it makes everything worth while.

"C Sharp Programmer" is a highly searched general keyword. Whenever you can get such high placement on a general keyword without a geographical locator (i.e. Atlanta C Sharp Programer) its a feat worth noteing.

Monday, January 21, 2008

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Small Business Website?

"How Much Does It Cost To Build A Good Basic Website That Works?" The key word is a website that works. Each week I get the same question: "How much is it going to cost me to build a small business website?

Certainly, prices are all over the board, but realistically to build something that looks good, presents your company well, converts visitors into leads, and of course places high at Google, MSN, and Yahoo! - isn't going to be $500.

You get what you pay for and your friend who builds websites will cost you more sales than you want to even think about.

Low cost websites often use templates. You may ask why is that a big deal. Unforntunately with the 4 second rule, web visitors will think your template website is a reflection on your work or worst your brand. It can also mean that your competitions website could look a lot like yours, further hurting your companies image.

Even "do-it-yourself" is becoming less effective and I'm getting a lot of calls from those people saying "I used to get a lot of inquiries." It only takes one competitor to build and promote a better website than yours - and you'll see your market-share slip away very quickly. I've seen this happen to 20 year veterans in the industry. It's pretty horrible.

You should always choose a web team or web company. One advantage of choosing a team or web design company is because these companies will have a designers, SEO expert, project managers, and internet marketing specialists all under one roof. It also makes your project's chances of success increase exponentially.

So many of our small business customers come to our company after going with a freelancer to build their small business visit our corporate website at But a lot of small business are getting savoy to the idea of you get what you pay for. If you think of how much a billboard cost ($15,000 a month), a website should cost more than $1,500 dollars...

Here are some basic guidelines to keep in your notes if you're thinking about a small business website that is not interactive or database driven.

1) Design

This is one of the biggest areas of investment when build a small business website and where you separate yourself from your competition. A talented designer with online graphics experience will probably put in about 40 to 80 hours into a design. This will include making mock-ups, getting your approval, testing in multiple environments and implementing your ideas to website reality.

As long as they know their stuff and have online experience, the investment is a no-brainer. The designer will also work closely with a programmer who understands how to write standard code that is optimized for performance, functionality, and of course, search engines. The designer will work with your online marketing person to integrate the marketing copy and keywords/phrases that are required if you want any chance at a top-ranked website.

Make sure you avoid templates no matter how great they look.

Investment: $6,000 and up

2) SEO Programming

Make no mistake, if you don't have clean, fast-loading, search engine friendly code behind the scenes at your website you're in trouble with search engines.

Recently I wrote about "4 seconds" being all you have before visitors start to think about leaving a website! These issues will have web visitors heading for their back-button faster than you can say "don't leave yet! The programmer will also have to make sure all the proper keywords, keyword phrases, headings, marketing copy, alt-image tags, and page title tags are properly installed.

Think of choosing an SEO package that maintains your organic web site listing every month. These packages can range from $250 to $1000 a month depending on what services will be performed. But monthly SEO programming gets much better results than the one time work. Contact at 404-870-0020 for SEO packages for businesses of all sizes

Investment: $2,500 (and up)

3) Hosting

It all comes together and is placed on a hosting server with your domain name tied to it. Usually, your hosting server also manages your incoming and outgoing email.

I talked with a woman last week who hadn't received any email from her website for almost a week. She figures it cost her over $3000 in lost sales and cost her a $15,000 catering job. Her website hosting company was the problem and she opted for one of these $9.95/month hosting solutions. You get what you pay for and when it comes to hosting and technical support so I recommend you avoid the the lowest-cost-provider.

Put another way, putting your website on cheap hosting is like building a house on sand.

Managed hosting is better than shared hosting because you have a team responsible and familiar with your project.

Investment: $1500/year and higher

4) HTML and other Web programming languages

An webprogrammer worth their salt is going to run you $5,000 or more. A good web programmer is going to tie in the web design and the SEO programming together with programming languages to make you site work. A good web programmer is going to understand design and usability issues, the importance of page copy (marketing communications), traffic development strategy, search engine optimization, search engine marketing (pay-per-click), and conversion.

Outsourcing this to a foreign company can cost you thousands. Make sure your web team is local or at least well known in the U.S.

Investment:$5,000 or more

5) Total Investment: $15,000 or more

If designed correctly, and integrated with an effective online marketing strategy, your website should generate 70 to 90% of your new business (after word-of-mouth). It should be the most cost-effective advertising and marketing you're doing for your business. If it isn't - something is wrong.

Your website should generate twenty inquiries a day (minimum) once established in the search engine databases. Especially if you're in a big market area (i.e. Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Orlando). I know that they can - because I see this first hand with many of my client's websites. If you're not getting those type of results you have to ask yourself: Why not?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Web Design Expert -

We have achieved outstanding results for the key word Web Design Expert. Here is a screenshot of it being listed as Number 4 on Google.

Contact WebXperts at 1-877-932-9778 for web design, web maintenance, web programming and all things Internet.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Atlanta Web Master - - WebXperts

Atlanta Web Master ( was a keyword that we wanted to get a high web search presence with. Since WebXperts helped pioneer the field of web maintenance and outsourcing web master needs, we figured the rest of the world should know also.

It seems as if people like local webmaster. Bad for India, Russia, and wherever they do web design for 4 cents an hour and good for American companies that understand American business needs.

Enough of my Lou Dobbs impression of the cons of outsourcing and onto SEO.

WebXperts is #4 now for Atlanta Web Master. We will see what we can do to make us number 1.

Atlanta Web Master -

We are #4 for Atlanta Web Master on Google.

Atlanta Asp.NET Expert

Atlanta Asp.NET Expert , this is another keyword that we targeted

We control the 1st position, the 3rd, the 6th and the 9th positions.

C Sharp Expert #1

Well in a previous post I am sure I was complaining about the small percentage of C Sharp work had come WebXperts way in 2007. After completing some complicated C sharp tasks, we felt that we were battle tested for any C# programming work. Well the only thing we WebXperts could blame was the search engines.

I know the search engines were not picking up any of our C Sharp domains, so we worked on some search engine optimization. Now were #1 !

Look at the results for WebXperts when you google "C Sharp Expert"

Well its good to know is still the best at Search Engine Optimization also.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Most savvy SEOs know that Google is placing an increased weight on links from “authority” websites. Wikipedia, a free internet encyclopedia that can be edited by any user, is certainly one of the top authority websites in the eyes of Google and I´m certainly not the first SEO to observe that an awful lot of Wikipedia pages are currently ranking quite highly in the SERPS.

Many of you likely have tried to place your website link on a Wikipedia page. What most probably happened is a zealous Wikipedia editor likely removed your link very quickly because the prevailing view is that appending your external link to the bottom of a previously created page adds little to the community and likely only benefits you.

But, let us say that you have a website that can be considered a resource in its field. If you see that Wikipedia does not have a page on a topic covered objectively by your website, you can create a Wikipedia page on that topic, link it to your website, and gain the SEO benefits of that link which, more than likely, won´t be removed.

Whats the Simplest Way for Me to Create a Compliant Wikipedia page?

For your first page, I recommend creating a page defining a term not already present in Wikipedia. Look at your website and determine objectively for which terms your site could qualify as a citable resource. Then, check Wikipedia to see whether a page has been created for those terms. If not, youre good to go.

Components That Need To Be Included in Your Page:
Page Categories. All Wikipedia pages must be placed in at least one relevant category. The easiest way to find categories for your article is to search for a page on a topic similar to yours, copy the category “code” and add it to your new page.

Total objectivity. Your page must be objective both in tone and in content. Any sales-y, promotional language will be removed.

Multiple Reference Sources. A short “dictionary-style” definition linking only to one website (yours) will not fly. First, Wikipedia explicitly states that they arent a dictionary. It´s OK to begin your page by defining your term, but that should be a jumping-off point for putting your definition in a much larger encyclopedia-like context. I would cite a minimum of 3-4 references for any newly created page.

Also, I´ve noticed a marked preference by many editors towards referencing your sources within the Wikipedia entry itself versus listing the references at the end of the article. An editor might see a reference tacked onto the end of an article as a spam attempt, where a reference linking to the source within the content itself can be more easily verified.

References to other Wikipedia pages. Within the text of your Wikipedia page, it is encouraged and expected for you to link to other pages within Wikipedia. For example, if the page you are creating has the term “Search Engine Optimization” in the text, you should place the term in double brackets [[Search Engine Optimization]] which will automatically create an intra-Wikipedia link to the Search Engine Optimization page. Following such a policy greatly benefits the Wikipedia Community.

People will edit your page…sometimes in ways you might object to. That´s how the Wikipedia community works. If your page has run afoul of one of Wikipedia´s rules, you are not likely to win a dispute. However, many changes are made due someone´s interpretation of Wikipedia policy and if you disagree with their change, the opportunity exists to discuss it with the other Wikipedian. If you can´t resolve the dispute, you can have it moderated by an administrator.
Now, what´s the best strategy to obtain and keep the Wikipedia link to your own website? Make sure your site comes across to a skeptical reviewer as both authoritative and objective. If your linked website contains promotional material or contextual advertising, the link will almost certainly be deleted. Commercial sites can be sources for Wikipedia articles…however, if you are linking to a commercial source, I would link to the “reference page” from which you are making the citation, and not the home page.

Every page I have created for Wikipedia resides in Googles top 15 for the targeted term (and as high as #1). If your website is linked from Wikipedia, you will receive not only targeted search traffic, but an uber-powerful super-authority link that will help your Search Engine Optimization efforts, especially with Google. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get a Wikipedia link to your website, but the results are well worth it.