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Monday, March 10, 2008

Web Design In Modesto California - also mispelled as Medesto California

Well we have learned that Modesto California is a area that is desperate need of good web design and web development team. WebXperts is answering Modesto business call for a reliable web design team. Wether Modesto business owners need web design, web site maintenance, web tool design or custom intranet development - Try

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Atlanta Web Expert

Well it looks as if the outsourcing scammers are here! We have foreign companies trying to pretend to be the real local atlanta web experts. Do you think that the real Atlanta Web Experts and our SEO gurus are going to allow this to happen or do you think that we are going to a full court press on this keyword Atlanta Web Experts.

It's one thing to be in Atlanta and be a web expert or designer, but its another thing to try and trick companies from Atlanta, Georgia???

But wait what about there 404 and 678 number? Well anyone can get these numbers, even if they aren't from Atlanta, Georgia. But from our investigations we have found out that this three man shop posing to be the real Atlanta Web Experts are nothing more than an outsourcing scam.

SEO Lesson: Always check your primary keywords and act swiftly against those who try and take your keyword positioning.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Search Engine Optimization (Atlanta 30309, Decatur 30030)

Search Engine Optimization Decatur - We just realized that we are placing high on this keyword.
Search Engine Optimization Atlanta - Not placing or

We will be focusing on this next week.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Web Company

Factors to consider when hiring a web design company

With today’s technology, more and more companies are utilizing the World Wide Web to promote their businesses. Prior to putting a website on the Internet for individuals to view, the company must first set up the website. This is where web design companies enter the picture. A web design company is hired to construct a website for an individual or company that is suitable to their tastes. There are a few factors to consider prior to settling on a specific web design company to construct your new website.

Examples of Prior Web Designs

One important factor to consider when choosing a web design company to develop a website is the type of web designs which the company has produced in the past. Many web design companies will make portfolios available for potential clients to view so that they may see the style of the web design company and determine if their finished product is what the client is looking to achieve in the way of a website. This is extremely helpful when trying to determine if the work product of the web design company is up to one’s standards.

Also pay attention to the size of clients they have worked with. Usually a smaller web design company that has done a lot of small business websites will not allow you to grow with your web design team. Making sure you have a web design team that can grow as you grow is very important. Therefore, always ask to see samples of a web design company’s prior work before signing them up to construct a website.

Estimated Completion Time

Another important factor to consider when selecting a web design company to design one’s website is what their estimated completion time may be. This is beneficial to know up front so the client can expect the finished work at a certain time. Since many individuals are using the Internet for conducting business, it is important that the client get their website up and running as soon as possible. This will also give the web design company notice that the client needs their completed product at a certain point in time and they will be less likely to push it to the side and work on other client’s projects.

Cost of Web Design Project

It is also crucial to know up front how much the completed web design project will cost the client. Since many new businesses are inundated with low cost and free websites, you need to make sure you apply the principle of "You Pay For What You Get!". Even if you are on a tight budget, it is vital to invest as much as you would in your website as you would for a TV ad, billboard, or radio spot. Just realize that your website will last a lo longer than any other form of traditional advertising. Along with the total cost of the web design project, the client should also receive a breakdown of the individual costs of the project.

What Is Included with the Total Web Design Price?

One who retains a web design company to construct their website should also ask about what items are included in the total web design cost. Some companies will include follow-up consultation in the web design price or web design help in the future. It is important to inquire about these things in the beginning so as to know what type of items they can expect with the amount that they paid for the web design.


For those clients who wish to be on the safe side and know exactly who they are dealing with, requesting references is always an available option to the client. Many times the web design company will offer references that will vouch for their professional behavior and wonderful finished product. References are a good way to weed out the bad web designers from the good ones.

Volume of Past Experience

It may also be beneficial to inquire about the company’s amount of experience. Companies that have been in business for a good many years may just have a bit more experience than newcomers to the web design scene. Although this is just one of the many factors which should be looked at with regard to hiring a web design company, it does help to sway the decision maker one way or the other with regard to hiring or not hiring a specific company to prepare a website for them.

Customer Service

It is also important to consider the customer service skills of the web design company. One who is paying good money to have their website designed wants to make sure they are dealing with a company that will listen to what they want and make themselves readily available to their clients. If one is considering a particular web design company that has bad customer service skills, it might be more advisable to choose a company that is more client-oriented.


There are many different web design companies one can choose from when they want to have a website designed. By considering the factors mentioned above, one can help to ensure that the company that they select to take on this important task does so in a professional, reasonably priced manner. In addition, the client should determine that the web design company has an adequate amount of experience and will produce a product that is exactly what the client is looking for.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Web Programmers Atlanta

As we’ve said previously, it is hard to get a high organic listing for keywords with geographical prefixes. By using our experience with SEO and our proprietary search engine strategies, we are now achieving a high ranking on Google for the search term web programmers atlanta.

We have also achieved a vertical ranking with Vexcom.

As you can see from the screenshot below, we occupy the #5 spot on the first page:

Local Web Programmer – Outstanding SEO Results

It is hard to get a high organic listing for a keyword like local web programmer. We have tested countless SEO strategies that have been successful with geographical prefixes like georgia web programmer, or atlanta web programmer, but it is a huge SEO task to get listed without a geographical prefix.

We have had outstanding results with the keyword Local Web Programmer ( Here is a snapshot of the results – As you can see we occupy the #1 and #2 spots on the first page: