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Monday, January 29, 2007

Launch Time (Houston We Have No Problems)

Well, we are are about to launch two websites; one of them is for Dallas Austin and the other is for Ted Turner. We are about one month away from both! It's interesting the range of clients that we service. Thier needs are always the same, and we want the best and it we want it done on time. The tools and the expected results always are unique. I love my clients and the ever changing job. I think the rest of the team feels as strong as a bond to all of our clients also.

It's not hard to give a customer good service and to work early in the development phase to understand the clients; vision. It is hard to find and secure the talent to do the job thoguh. At WebXperts we are lucky to have people that have worked for the company 5+ years. It helps with managing clients (many of which stay 3 years on average) and it speeds up development time (because you're not recreating the wheel every time).

This is a post from the head web expert.

More to come...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The History

WebXperts is a company that was created about 10 years ago. The original creator wanted to provide web design to businesses in a more efficient manner. Having worked for some of the largest web development firms in the southeast, the vision of providing complete solutions in the most efficient manner was refined.

WebXperts was hatched in the owners residence on 14th Street. The view of the park with the backdrop of some of Atlanta's largest office buildings created a creative setting at the time. The meeting place was the local coffee shops and restaurants. The owner had worked for some of Atlanta's most well-known Fortune 500 companies and learned about enterprise level solutions from implementing them. Many of the companies provided training and with his extensive programming experience, creative technology solutions became second nature.

Now the company has an extensive portfolio with dozens of testimonials from verifiable company heads. The track record created in the last 10 years has proven that no matter what problem is presented to WebXperts that the team will provide the right solution on time and on budget.

The company and the company owner has received mention in Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Jezebel Magazine, and has had an appearance on 11 Alive news as an Internet expert on a segment about social networking.

The companies’ clients have included Cox Communications, Grady Hospital, Ted Turner, Dallas Austin, and many more. The company currently has two locations and six employees. The company was voted "Best Place To Work" in 2000.

The owners’ technology experience dates back to the early 80's. His father owned several of the nations first proprietary computer schools. It was a time when the computers were shrinking and the possibility of computing was just being realized. The owner had some of the first personal computers at his disposal at an early age; like the Kaypro and Compaq CPM based luggage-tops. He was exposed to some of the first networked machines; like the Televideo networked systems. His knowledge of COBAL and FORTRAN was implanted at age of 8 and 9 and his father exposed him to high-level business dealings before he could drive. His exposure to the world of technology solutions predates the Internet and the invention of the modem. His dedication to understanding technology trends and guiding companies on Internet technology solutions is unparallel. As a result his company is as focused as an Internet consulting company could be.

WebXperts Design, Incorporated informal company biography created by R. Lee