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Monday, January 29, 2007

Launch Time (Houston We Have No Problems)

Well, we are are about to launch two websites; one of them is for Dallas Austin and the other is for Ted Turner. We are about one month away from both! It's interesting the range of clients that we service. Thier needs are always the same, and we want the best and it we want it done on time. The tools and the expected results always are unique. I love my clients and the ever changing job. I think the rest of the team feels as strong as a bond to all of our clients also.

It's not hard to give a customer good service and to work early in the development phase to understand the clients; vision. It is hard to find and secure the talent to do the job thoguh. At WebXperts we are lucky to have people that have worked for the company 5+ years. It helps with managing clients (many of which stay 3 years on average) and it speeds up development time (because you're not recreating the wheel every time).

This is a post from the head web expert.

More to come...