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Sunday, November 25, 2007

c# programmer atlanta

Okay All the links that are purple are ours.

Ever since we worked with a large Fortune 500 company, on a mission critical development project, we realized that the number of c# programmers out there were few and far between. I know I personally interviewed at least 10 people at hourly rates that are more than most people make in a day. Most of them were scared of the project WebXperts was tasked with. Well the good news is we didn't have to hire any c# guru and were able to complete the c# project on time and on budget. Note to self - never trust someones resume. Ironically enough the c# programmers we did interview had some awesome resumes yet couldn't answer basic questions about Visual Studio 8...

I feel like no one knows WebXperts has C# programmers that are American's. Sorry but this offshore programming doesnt work work. At 2 cents an hour, you get what you pay for.

We have corporate application development experience, and that have modified pre-existing c# and applications. Comapanies should be knocking down the doors righ? Well if no one knows that you have an awsome service offering it might as well be your best kept secret.

Okay well enough of that. We can fix everything through technology right?

We are number three for "c# programmer Atlanta"

Hopefully one day with enough prayer to the search engine spiders we will become #1 for c# programmer without the geographical location.

C Sharp Expert