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Monday, December 24, 2007

Checking Your Own Site

I think that not enough web owners do the due diligence to ensure that there websites are placed high. Do you know that you can increase your search engine relevance just by checking to see how your listed? Not a lot of people know that fact and it works with mostly all of the top search engines.

Making sure that your site is submitted properly is also essentially. If you Google "add url" you should pull up a good list of websites. The top two are the ones you should be concerned with. They should be Google owned links. Make sure that you include the Http:// before you website address or it will be kicked out of the system.

Use the same technique with Yahoo and MSN. If you have those three you should be covered because most of the search engines use there information to display results anyways. I think think the statistic is hat 90% of all website searches originate from those three. I know is becoming big but it seems as if they us humans to research the websites instead of web robots.

I know that we check and at least twice a day. Usually our sub domains get pinged (what we call it when we check our sites - but it also is what it's called when a computer checks another computer once a month.