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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Changing Blogger Title - How To Get Better Results With Blogger

I have read a lot of articles on the frustrating feature of blogger's title. Article after article on changing the blogger title covers one aspect or another but no article on the changing the title tag for a blogger posts covers it all.

Here we go. Follow the steps exactly.

1) Please do not feel you can skip any of these steps in making the title tag dynamic

2) Do not edit any of the files in the blogger window. Copy the source code it presents in the text box into an editor. I tried may times and even though it works with some templates it will not work with others. Maybe it exceeds the length a text box can read, who knows.

3) Open up the the blogger blog you want to modify the title tag for.

4) Navigate to the Template tab in your blogger blog

5) Select the link EDIT HTML. (It's right under the Template tab graphic)

6) Select the Expand Widget Templates checkbox for your blogspot or blogger blog.

7) Click in the text box window and select all of the text.

8) Copy this text into any text editor (PC's - hit start, run, and type notepad MAC's - use Text Edit)

9) Search the Text for Blog2. Lot's of sites dedicated to teaching you how to change the title tag in blogger blog skip this step. I think they forgot the fact that some components already occupy Blog2 and if you find it in your document you need to alter your strategy slightly.

10) If you found Blog2 in your text, check for Blog3 if you don't find it good. If you do find it keep with this pattern until you can not find it.

11) Move to the top of the document ,in your text editor, and locate the title tag (since blogger wont allow you to display it, even in a quote, i had to take a screen shot the area is highlighted in blue)

12) Replace that title tag with the following text.

Important Note: if you have found a Blog2 or Blog3 or BlogX in your document in step 9 make sure you change it. What ever number you found add 1 to it BlogX+1 and replace the section of the code that references Blog2. There should only be one and if you had a Blog2 already you would change:

widget id='Blog2' with widget id='Blog3'

There have been instances where I have seen some weird things happen once you do this I will try to cover some of them.

Bloggger Postings are in my sidebar

Backup everything first.

Check for extra occurances of this code:

widget id="'Blog2'" locked="'false'" title="'Blog" type="'Blog'/">

Delete them. Blogger will ask are you sure just say yes.

I get a error from Blogger when I try to edit the template HTML

You should be able to go back to you template either by hitting back or becuase it has launched this error in another window.

Just revert to your old template - you have not lost any of the content. I tried hard to do so and was unable to.